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Dec 4, 2012 5:00am PST
for the fire of bob costas. >>> welcome back. live doppler checking out sprinkles around sea ranch, better chance of organized wet weather offshore headed your way in the next hour and a half. impressive totals in the north bay up to two inches in the mountains up to an inch and a half in the valleys, 3/4 around the bay up to a quarter of an inch in the south bay. spike in rivers up north nowhere near flood stage for the napa river. north same as you head towards st. helena, napa river will stay well below flood stage. >>> good news for muni commute there's morning who were stranded yesterday, everything back in full service, all power back, no delays for mei all mass transit on time, expect a nice ride on muni got our fingers crossed. highway 1 devils slide, one-way road control as you make your way from the coast towards pacifica or veers versa due to erosion from -- or vice versa due to erosion from the storms. light traffic into san francisco, no metering lights. >>> 5:26. growing debate in morning over remarks broadcaster bob costas made about gun control during halftime of nbc's sund
Dec 5, 2012 5:00am PST
at -- >> school in new jersey being forced to remove a bob marley branch drink from its lunchroom after several students became ill. the drink is called marley's mellow mood. it contains chamomile and natural sedative the label says it is not inend -- intended for children but students bought it on campus. food service manager at the school is suspended while officials investigate why the drink was being sold. >>> city of san carlos will hold a community meeting to see how people feel about possible plastic bag ordinance it could go into effect in april. yesterday mountain view joined 24 other san mateo county and santa clara county cities in banning plastic bags the ban affects retail businesses that sell clothing, food or personal items non-profits exempted. paper bags will be able to purchase for 10 cents a pete. >>> maker of a san francisco favorite treat adding new location. new restaurant opens at sunnyvale shopping center tomorrow on sunnyvale saratoga road the first 100 in line, will get free fresh sour bow -- sourdough bread everyday for a year. >>> next, we are back on storm watch. th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2